Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Diet Day 1

I've decided to just take the plunge. If I don't do it now when will I, right?
My day began with my smoothie. One scoop of this powder, a small banana, 1/4 cup of frozen pineapple, 6 oz. apple juice and a tsp. olive oil. The olive oil adds much needed fat I guess. It's pretty tasty. Really. To finish off breakfast I'll have one serving of Bare Naked granola with hemp milk.
I tried hemp milk yesterday for the first time. I was nervous, but it is delicious and now I'm convinced. I'm not a fan of soy milk. I don't like the taste and it makes me bloated, plus all that info about mimicking estrogen spooks me. Rice milk doesn't have enough nutritional value for me so (and this was before my acupuncture appointment) I decided to give hemp milk a chance. It's loaded with omega 3's, very helpful for mental health.

Snack: cinnamon Lara bar

Lunch: mixed greens salad with kidney beans, roasted red pepper, carrot & avocado

Dinner: Potato, carrot & pea soup with millet. Millet is quite easy and pretty good too, bland and fluffy.

For dessert I'm having almond sunset tea.
Not bad so far. Tomorrow I must go grocery shopping.

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