Monday, March 30, 2009

Date Sugar

Why is date sugar so hard to find int his town? With four seemingly good all-natural grocery stores you'd think one of them would sell it, but no. They've had 'a ton' of requests, but for some stupid reason this doesn't mean anything to them. Ugh! I suppose I'll add that to my list of food stuffs ordered over the internet. Anybody have a favorite website to buy natural food items like date sugar and coconut oil?


  1. Hi Laurel. My name is Beth and I live in Austin too. I have also been looking for date sugar and was happy to find your post. Isnt this frustrating?! I really don't feel like paying shipping charges.

    Have you been to the new natural foods place on Guadalupe, near 45th St. in the old Rooster Andrews building? Its only been open a few weeks and Im hoping they might have some DS there...I am desperate. I need some in order to bake my daughter a b-day cake tomorrow!

    Anyway, I love your blog. I am also an artist, have issues with MI and am on a healthy vegan diet to try and cure myself of a variety of ailments :-)

  2. Hey Beth,
    Thanks for writing. I never managed to find date sugar, but I did find a low glycemic sweetener called jaggery or thai coconut sugar. It may work as a substitute. I found it at Central Market for around $4.
    I haven't been to the new store on Guadalupe yet, but do want to see if they offer anything different or better than the others.
    Good luck with your cake. I'd love to know how it turns out.

  3. hey Laurel-good news- Natural Grocers does indeed carry date sugar.
    Hummm, the coconut sugar sounds interesting. I picked up some agave nectar on impulse at HEB last week. Thought I might give that a try as well. Mostly, I have been avoiding all sweeteners because Im trying to get over sugar addiction, so Im avoiding everything that is not naturally sweetened for now. Although, for my daughters b-day cake, I thought I should probably make an exception. Poor child. haha.