Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I had my first real acupuncture appointment today. It was pretty amazing. We talked for over an hour and then she did some bodywork, which did include needles. I went with a few specific ideas:
1. That I sleep too much
2. That I know something is screwy with my blood sugar
3. That I desperately wish my moods would reach equilibrium.

She looked over my paperwork and said that absolutely everything off about me is related. She validated my own beliefs in the connections between food and mental health and went on to talk about the neurotransmitters in the gut. Here's an article explaining it in more detail.
She is putting me on an elimination diet so we can figure out what's causing my sluggishness and general malaise. I'm a bit freaked out by this diet. It will last three weeks and be devoid of dairy, wheat, corn, tomatoes, eggs, shellfish, soy & peanuts.
Now for a person with a normal job this might not be as hard, but I'M A BAKER! I get paid to mix huge batches of sugar and butter and flour and then slather the results with cream cheese icing. I eat this stuff everyday. I know this is a huge part of my problem, but trying to stay away from it completely for three weeks? I'm scared.
She gave me a smoothie mix based on rice protein and some bovine glandular pills that help balance blood sugar. She did mention that the bovine extract comes from Argentinian cows who are grass-fed and antibiotic & hormone free. Phew. The labels on the bottles look like they were designed for Star Trek.
I'm not sure when I'll start the diet. I'm not ready to jump in tomorrow as I need to write a meal plan and go shopping. I will keep you posted.

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