Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Structured Chaos

Structured chaos. It sounds like an oxymoron, but for me it's actually a very important tool in daily sanity. As an incredibly creative person I cannot live with complete structure. However I have learned that in order to thrive both creatively and as a normal member of society I need some organization. I really don't think very many people do well under completely chaotic circumstances. I like routine. I like how grounding and soothing it is, but within routine I need some craziness otherwise I get bored very quickly. Right now I'm struggling with scheduling crazy creative time. It sounds ridiculous doesn't it? But many writers and artists say that coming to the page at the same time everyday gives your brain an invisible on/off button. It knows that from 5-6 or whenever it is it's time to play and it begins to work accordingly. But, how, in a life lived with so little control do you actually settle on a time and stick with it? It's so much easier with work, that you have to go to on time each day or you're out on the street and out of health insurance. But survival doesn't depend on that creative schedule, does it? I'm beginning to suspect that in fact it does, but it is so much easier to act as if it doesn't and just suffer. So structured chaos is what I'm after. Any suggestions for how to actually achieve this?

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