Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's amazing how much can change in a week. You can decide to go back to school, find a new spiritual path (or name the one you were already on) and accept that you can't change your circumstances. As you can see I've changed what my blog is about. I will still talk about food, but my life is consumed by so much more. I read so constantly that the words I read and write are starting to dominate my thoughts. Food is in there, but it isn't so much in the front right now.
I've attempted to make my living with food and due to my own desires and the job options out there it isn't working out so well. I'm going back to my other first love: books, specifically books for youth (I hesitate to say kids because teens don't think of themselves that way and I hesitate to say teens because I also read and write the stuff 9 year olds like).
So a new face on my blog, but now it feels more organic, more like a reflection of the inner workings of my mind. Now you will find book reviews and story ideas as well as the random reference to mental illness in the world and the delicious dish I cooked last night.

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