Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pantry Staples

Everyone has their idea about what should always be found in their cupboards. The idea being that you always have enough staples to make a healthy meal no matter what can be found in the fridge. I'm working on compiling my list both so I can always know what I need to pick up at the store and also so anyone else can get ideas for their own stocks. It may seem like a lot, but I would rather have what I need to make any base recipe and just have to buy the produce for a recipe. I also tend to bake randomly and get frustrated when I don't have everything I need for whatever I'm craving.

Dry Goods:

Brown rices (short grain and long grain)
Wild rice
Various shapes and sizes of whole grain pasta
Whole wheat pastry flour
Whole whole regular flour
Rolled oats
Cocoa powder
Baking chocolate
Turbinado or organic sugar
Agave syrup
Brown rice syrup
Chocolate chips
Pancake mix
Canned tomatoes in various states
Jarred tomato sauce (Barilla is my fave)
Vegetable broth in cartons, preferably low sodium
Canned corn
Canned pumpkin
Various kinds of canned beans
Various kinds of dried beans
Lentils in several varieties
Olive oil
Vegetable oil (for baking)
Vinegars (balsamic, white wine, apple cider, rice wine)
Baking soda & powder
Cream of tartar

Sea salt
Black Peppercorns
Fresh nutmeg

Dry perishables:
Onions (any kind)
White potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Dried chiles like chile pequin

Long-lasting fridge items:
Maple syrup
Tomato paste in a tube
Dijon mustard
Frozen berries
Peanut butter (the all natural no sugar kind)
Jams of various flavors (also no sugar added)

More perishable fridge items:
Salad greens
Roasted red peppers in a jar
Goat or Parmesan cheese
Sliced loaf of hearty bread

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