Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Greenling Delivery

My bountiful Greenling delivery arrived on my doorstep today. It's about my 7th delivery and the excitement hasn't worn off. Here's a lovely picture of the basket as it was delivered:My official delivery voucher gives the contents as such:
Green Garlic (4) - Green Gate Farms
Chioggia Beet - Animal Farm (I didn't receive these. Instead I got a dark green bunch of collards.)
Spinach - Acadian Family Farm
French Breakfast Radish (8ish)- Acadian Family Farm
Sweet Potatoes 2 lbs - Naegelin Farms
Yellow Onions (2) - Naegelin Farms
Tomatoes (2) - Reliable Brand
Tangerines (4) - G&S Groves
Bok Choy - Naegelin Farms
Herb (cilantro & oregano) - Pure Luck

And here's the basket after I rearranged for a better view:
I do think that $35 is not a bad price for the amount of food and knowing exactly where it came from. I have not, however, researched or visited any of these farms. I know Pure Luck makes delightful goat's milk products, but as for the rest I'm going on faith that they are equally reputable and organic. I plan on using all of this bounty, but am not sure yet as to how I will.
Most of my menu for the week is planned and shopping listed, but I need to make a final few changes to adjust for the collards. And radishes. What to do with those pesky radishes?

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