Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Greenling Delivery

Here's a list of the lovelies I got from Greenling today.

Broccoli - Texas Natural/Acadian Family farm
Escarole - Acadian Family Farm
Radish - My Father's Farm/Acadian Family Farm/Naegelin Farm
Rosemary - Pure Luck
Avocado - G&S Grove
Oranges - G&S Grove
Portabella Caps - Kitchen Pride
Arugula Microgreens - Bella Verde
Green Onions - Monotsino Farm
Spinach - Acadian Family Farm
Arugula - Acadian Family Farm

When I received my order I cleaned and put everything away. I always wash my greens and place them in damp paper towels in ziploc bags. The best way to wash greens (and berries) is to fill a large bowl with cool water. Place the greens in the bowl and let them soak for a bit. This is done so that all the dirt and sediment can sink to the bottom of the bowl. It also doesn't damage the greens the way running them under water can. Pull the greens out and run them through a salad spinner. Next I lay a piece or two of paper towels on the counter and wrap my greens up in them. Into a large ziploc bag and you're good.
In order not to waste too many ziploc bags I wash them and reuse them. People make fun of me for doing it, but it saves me money and keeps a few extra plastic bags out of the landfill. I would love to find a better method for saving my greens, but I haven't done the research yet. Any ideas?
Wrapping fresh herbs in a damp towel and placing them in ziploc bags keeps them much longer as well.
For lunch I made myself a lovely salad of greens and orange segments. I also had an avocado flour tortilla taco and a poached egg. yumm!

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