Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Joy of Smoothies and Where Have I been?

Smoothies are one of my favorite pick me ups. People out there love to extol the benefits of greasy food after an evening of drinks, but seriously smoothies are way better. When you pee while you drink you are actually losing more nutrients than you normally do because alcohol flushes you out. Losing all those nutrients like potassium makes headaches and nausea among other ickiness. A nice fruit and protein powder smoothie gives it all back to your system quickly and yummily.

And where have I been?
I have been:
having successful surgery
applying to two great grad schools for mfa in children's writing programs
giving into temptation way too much at work
spending as much time as possible with my niece

Where have you been lately?


  1. throw some proto whey in that smoothie!

  2. I actually don't use whey protein. Thanks though.